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Nov 18, 2015
Since we just started in July, and the chickens have been only laying since the end of October, we have had 8 double yolked eggs. We are curious if anyone has ever tried to hatch a double yolked egg? If so, was it successful? What do we need to do different then regular hatching. Just curious. Thank you!
Yes, people have tried to hatch double yolked eggs; the embryos rarely make it through incubation, but there are exceptions. (there is a thread on here somewhere about someone who actually did hatch twins, but I believe they assisted the chicks in hatching)
One of the reasons I have heard why it is so difficult to hatch a double yolker is the positioning of the chicks in the egg. Only one chick will get the side with the air cell; the other one will not. Also, to hatch, chicks need to brace themselves against the top of the egg, and push. In a double yolker, if the embryos make it that far, they would not be able to do that, and one might injure/kill the other one trying to get out. Some people as a rule never hatch double yolked eggs as they believe it is dooming two lives to end. If you do decide to hatch a double yolker, start a thread on it! We would love to follow the progress. :)
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Thank you for your input. I watched a youtube video where the woman helped hatch the twins in 2008. She posted a second video too. They grew up just fine and were a hen and rooster. She had another the same day but only one survived. I have twins, a boy and girl, just thought maybe it would be interesting to try. But totally understand about not wanting to ruin two lives. :( thanks again. Just curious. Bought an incubator today. Will start trying when we have a few to put in. Tough right now with the colder weather starting in.

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