Double Yolker....Late Day 20...Help!


6 Years
Apr 28, 2017
East Coast, NJ
Long Story short, I have a double yolker. I candled repeatedly throughout incubation and both embryos were alive and moving. I couldn't see much by day 18 because it was a dark egg but both appeared to still be moving. Started researching the hatching process and was dismayed to find that chances for this egg are pretty much 0 unless I intervene. Found a thread in this forum that advised intervening late day 19 or early day 20; otherwise, chicks could drown. Well, we're already in late date 20 / early day 21 but incubator went out for about 7 hours at one point so I figured close enough. I've read that Bacitracin helps keep membrane moist but I don't have any so I opted for coconut oil for it's breathability and antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Anyhow, I made a small pip in the area with the air sac but no beak was visible. I made another pip towards the pointy end and prayed I'd find a beak with my first attempt. Had hoped to expose both beaks, moisten membrane, wrap area except for beak in saran wrap and place back in bator. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a beak. They're all feet! and there are so many vessels and whatever else that is inside an egg that I couldn't see much. Not sure why they recommend days 19/20...thinking another 12 to 24 hours would have been key. But as it is, I have a completely shell-less egg now that is all membrane with a little light chick and a little dark chick inside. I wrapped the egg in a wet paper towel and placed under a vent in my bator so that I can pipette water in to keep it moist. The chicks were both moving but barely. I went into this knowing I'd lose them with a 2% chance I could save one or both so that my heart doesn't break. But I'm wondering if you guys can guide me in any way to make that 2% a reality. I didn't see any spots where any beak worked at anything. I did feel a few bumps that I hoped were an egg tooth but on closer inspection, I'd see the little nails of feet peeking through windows between vessels and yolk or whatever that is. Any thoughts?
try taking the shell of bit by bit until you see a beak
I did...the entire shell is off...I can't see a's too premature and it seems as though the feet are out and the heads are tucked in towards the center. I'm not entirely sure but by the feather pattern and feet, I think these little guys are way off from how they should be :( Is there a way to feel for an egg tooth? What would it feel like? Hard and pointy? Cartlidgy and nubby? Could it be that they haven't turned their beaks under their wings yet because of lack of space?
are they moving
They were but more so intially then when I finished removing the shell. Probably stressed and tired from me taking it off. I tried not moving them anymore than I had to but still. They both seemed alive when I wrapped them in the paper towel. Not sure how to keep them appropriately moist. Bator is usually at around 100 degrees with 65% humidity. Trying to cater to those hatching and those that won't hatch until next week. But with me moistening the twins' paper towel, humidity is now up at 78% which is high for those that are still developing. Fortunately, those are closer to the light so hopefully the heat keeps the air in their immediate vicinity a little warmer and drier?
also make sure you don't drown it
That's the tough part...contemplating going back in bator to make sure I didn't pipette too much moisture on but afraid I'll mess up my heat/humidity. Haven't made a decision yet but I think it might be too moist...humidity is up at around 78% which is too high. Have to address that stat

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