Double yolker


10 Years
Dec 6, 2009
I have a RIR hen that just started laying 1mo ago. She has not missed a day since she started even after the double yolk egg. On the anniversary of her 1mo of laying she laid momma a whooper double yolker. What are the odds she will ever do that again?
pretty good,i had 6 rir untill i got a visit from a fox,and i often had double yokers,enjoy
Looks like mr fox is partial to a bit of RIR as i had one till he got it for his tea after the daft RIR wouldnt go into the box at bedtime! it decided to camp out up a tre for the night and thats the last we saw of it cept for obvo feathers on the floor the next morning:hit
i do want another one as they are a beautifull bird and ive heard they are good layers

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