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    Well I am trying to save my hen. Thanks to all the good advice on this forum. NEVER imagined douching a hen. Her vent is red a swollen and she has been laying eggs that have a soft shell these last 3 days. Hopeing this will be the answer to my problem. Douching with a tad of apple vinegar to sterile water. Can't tell you all how helpful you have been to this newbie. leilani
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    Wished i could help.i also have a hen who laid a soft shell egg on the roost last night.and is all fluffed up.and not feeling answers for me today either.give your hen a warm epsom salt water bath.and dry her off as best as you may want to keep her in a warm place.(such as your house until she is good and dry)when i'am at loss as what to do.i have always had good luck with the warm epsom salt bath.i have read on the forum that mites can cause problems.especially around their vent area.than put some nesporin on her vent.good luck.
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    Ok I have followed this forum for three years and never heard of doing this. I am sorry to say I find the thought of doing so hilarious. But on a more serious note, I think you could easily cause great damage trying to wash out only the "egg track" with anything. I'd rather not. Nor would i give one an enema but I'd imagine it to be safer than what you're planning here.

    Nustock on the vent and after that it's up to God, in my opinion. But then I'm not a chicken Prophet.
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    A vinegar/water flush could be used in the instance of a broken egg inside the vent or further inside the oviduct to prevent bacterial infection. It's better than having to give the bird antibiotics that may not even work. I've done the flush on a few of my birds without any problems.
    Use a large syringe without a needle, mixing 1 tablespoon of WHITE vinegar to 1 quart of water. Use a full syringe of the mixture and insert it into the vent and gently flush. Use about 3 or 4 syringefuls, the liquid may or may not flow from the vent afterwards.
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    Good news! My hen is frisky again. The epson salt soak in tall bucket really works. She loved it, just stood there. Must have felt really good on that raw red butt. Also sprayed Blu-tone antiseptic on neck and rear. 1 1/2 weeks and she has a new lease on life. Thank you, Leilani

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