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8 Years
Jun 8, 2011
i have got 7 doves and 1 roller and was wondering if i didnt put up enough nest boxes if they would still come back to their shed at night or if they would find somewhere else to nest.

i keep them in a old play house and they have free flight during the day
One factor that aids in having birds return to their loft is hunger. If you are going to free fly your birds it is better to do it on an empty crop.

Doves and rollers as a rule do not have much of a homing instinct. That are two things you have in your favour for their return. The more things you have in your favour the more likely they are to return.

The longer you hold them prisoner in your loft the more likely they are to return as well.

What I am really trying to say is

"I do not know".
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doves are not as domistic as pigeons good chance you will have only one roller the doves might stay around for a little while but most will disappear
Doves are not the same as Pigeons. They have no homing instincts at all...none what so ever. If they return to the only by chance. Increasing your nest boxes will not help. If a pair of Doves are raising young they should not be allowed "free-flight". It takes both parents to raise the young. If something did happen to one parent, while risk the health of the babies and the one remaining parent.

Again.....Doves do not home!!!! The "Dove Release" you see at weddings/funerals are NOT Doves. They are white homing Pigeons that have gone through extensive training.

Doves are easy prey to all kinds of predators when they are out flying. They have no natural instinct to run for cover/home. Please do more research about Doves. It would be really sad for for you to lose these wonderful birds.
I have lost 2 but the other six are still here im getting 6 more in a few days


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