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Mar 22, 2009
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I wanted to get some input on my most recent hatch of chicks. I am quickly running out of room to work on my project of making a Laced Orpington with Black or Blue lacing. I need input from some others with insight as to the final pattern derived from the initial chick patterns. I am thinking of getting rid of the partial laced/spangled parents and running with the current chicks but don't know if I have the formulation or mix to arrive with a BBS laced orp if I do disperse the parent flock. The parents(current flock) were created with a cross of Blue Orpington Roo over the following hens- Buff Orp, Single Comb Gene GLW, Rose Comb SLW. These pictures are just a few of the entire group of about 50. I am sure that there are some breeders out there that can tell pretty quickly if the any of the chicks below may turn out to be laced with the down pattern. Please let me know what you think they may turn out to be.

Bird 1-kind of muddy coloration with patterning on back

Bird 2-no distinct chipmunk pattern, just black showing in a couple of stripes

Bird 3

Bird 4

Bird 5-This one has the most brown coloring in the down

Bird 6-This one almost appears to have some silver

Bird 7

Thanks for any input.
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