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Well, now I get my karmic payback for scolding Katy . Friday I went in because I was feeling paranoid after Katy's incident and just wanted to have my eyes looked at for fun...they found massive traction in the left retina down in a new spot and I'll be going in for a laser surgery this morning. NO reading for2 weeks!!!

So...if you need to get a hold of me, email me and my phone will read the email to me. It even lets me speak emails back!! Just be wary it doesn't always understand me and there's no punctuation or's my nightmare as grammar nazi.

Have fun, everyone, and play nice!! I'll miss you!
Oh no! Sorry to hear that! All the best with the surgery and hopes for speedy, restful healing! Books on tape may save your sanity!

Dang, I'll have to get hold of Katy, she's been really good about not using the computer.
Fabulous news! The traction didn't include a tear this time, so with no perforation, no surgery. They had to dilate my eyes to the size of Venus to see this, so I'm exhausted and weird-looking, but it's good news, either way!

Woohoo!! Not forbidden BYC time!
This is my eye 4 hours AFTER they put in the drops. I finally have some iris back! Yu can see my retina even with the phone camera!

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