Down to 3, phew.

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    Apr 28, 2012
    I had started out with 10 chickens, I got 10 because I assumed some would pass on before reaching adulthood. However, they all lived lol. I couldnt keep up with feeding and cleaning that many hens so I rehomed 4 of them. Today I rehomed another 3. All hens went to GREAT homes, thank goodness. Now im down to 3 lovely hens, I kept my all time favorite Fancy Pants of course. It was hard to see them go as I hand raised them as babies in my bedroom until they were old enough to be stalled in the barn. I can still remember their gangly little necks and legs running around the stall getting into all kinds of trouble, so cute. My girls and I had a great relationship...I'd call, they'd come running...most of the time when they were turned out they would wait for me on the porch. Breakfast was a favorite part of their day, scrambled eggs, fresh greens and the occasional cottage cheese treat. They would cluck around excitely after dinner waiting for me to spoil them with their happy hens freeze dried worms. Such a characters and so full of personality. The main reason I let them go was due to the dust they were creating in my barn...With 10...even 6 hens, I couldnt keep up with the dust and my other animals appeared to be paying the price. Snotty nosed goats coughing and looking downright uncomfortable. I suppose it was best for all involved, hens and goats, but I know I will miss their happy little faces.

    So now im down to 3...Fancy Pants of course along with 2 other un-named ladies (who in which I will now name as they will be easier to identify). I think I'm actually really going to enjoy the smaller # of hens, I can provide them with better quality care and feed and it wont be as costly. I can share more of my time with the 3 rather than the 6 and I can organize my budget in a way that will promote a healthier lifestyle for them, rather than worrying about feeding all those hungry mouths I can purchase more variety of foods. Perhaps I can even build or purchase a predator safe hen house and pen so they wont have limited outdoor time as they do now. Im eager to see what the future brings with these 3 lovely ladies but I will always have moments where I think back on my first handraised chicks who I watched turn into beautiful fluffly full feathered young ladies <3 ...I will miss them.

    So I was many chickens do you enjoy keeping?
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    Dec 16, 2012
    well i started out with 6 hybred chickens and a white star roo *R.I.P* and then i got my bator after that i had 40 chickens !!!! i had to build a bigger chicken coop !! they finished 4, 6kg feeders per day !! i way over my head although it was amazing how i could tell each other apart ! i culled all cockrels :( and sold most of the hens i now have 10 healthy chickens which i love, my white star cockrel got attacked but all its sons and passed away :( i still incubate though but sell them or use them for meat :)
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    Apr 11, 2011
    I know how you feel. I had 60+ chickens this past summer. They were costing me an arm and leg in feed and taking care of them became a chore I despised doing. Now I'm down to 6 bantams (which is really like 3 LF) and I've gotten back to enjoying my chickens again instead if dressing them.
    And you're right, its easier to feed them a more varied diet and plan their feed costs while I'm budgeting.
    I still incubate quite a bit, but I sell them now instead if hoarding them all. I keep a few here and there if they absolutely win me over, but after last summers fiasco, its easier to convince myself to let them go so I don't get over run again. Enjoy your girls!
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