Down to only 13 eggs out of about 30. URGH!!! Any advice?


13 Years
Sep 5, 2010
So I tossed a ton of eggs today. I had ordered 3 sets from 3 different people. One set were all duds for some reason. And I had a few blood rings from the other sets. I cracked one the first set and there was NOTHING going on at all. They looked just like eggs from the store. IDK what went wrong any advice? My husband is going to kill me when he find out I spent $120 on eggs and had to throw the majority of them away.
Yea they were mailed. But I don't want to say anything bad about anyone. It was probably just something I did wrong. It's just weird that only one set was bad though out of 3. Wouldn't they all be bad? They all rested overnight and were started at the same time.
Unfortunately that is the risk with shipped eggs. You, nor the sender can control the way the post office handles them and it usually is not to gently. Eggs through the mail have a way of arriving scrambled. Some show up fine and others not so fine. If they arrived cracked or broken with no apparant damage to the box then I would question the shipper. If the eggs arrived in good condition then I would suspect the post office.
I sent the seller a PM but I don't blame them. All the eggs were in perfect condition when they arrived so it wasn't the post office either. I'm just upset with myself and keep trying to think of things that I did different with those eggs compared to the other two sets I bought from other buyers. I think next time I will just order chicks from a hatchery. Is it normal to have a whole set of eggs not develop at all? Hopefully my other 2 sets will continue to develop well.
Even if the eggs looked like they were in good shape when they arrived, they may have gotten shaken around a lot. Too much shaking is not good for hatching eggs. They get jolted a lot in mail trucks, etc. Often there won't be visible damage to the eggs.

They can also get overheated in mail trucks. Even this time of year it is HOT in many areas of the country.

Or, it could be the eggs weren't fertile.
I am sorry that happened to you, I agree that it might have been rough handling from shipment somewhere along the line.
It is such a risk too ship something so fragile. I will be shipping hatching eggs this spring from my Birchen Cochins and Mille Fleurs. I would want to know if my eggs were handled badly because most breeders are really proud to ship out nice eggs and it would hurt their reputation if many shipments were damaged. Maybe the seller could offer a discount on a replacement box of eggs? I have had good luck so far on my incoming shipments of chicks and eggs. My local PO is wonderful about calling when eggs or chicks have arrived. What are your ideas for fair policies for egg shipment and possible replacement or discounts? I would like to know everyones thoughts on this.

Any input on this would be awesome! Bunny
This might sound a stupid question but how do you all know they are fertile to start with. do you test hatch your own first? or is there a simpler method.

i tried to blasto derm and blastodisc lol i couldnt tell the difference lol when i cracked those that were infertile and out of 36 eggs i threw out at least 15 empty and 6 now have developed and blood ringed. down to 15 i think i have.

i brought 36 eggs from a amarket that sold fertile eggs and out of the BS black silkie egg i only have 1 that has worked so does this mean they are infact infertile or was it me! i have had temp flucs but that was a bit later on so they should have veined at least.

I just guessed it was the luck of the draw never thought to go back and complain?

Im guessing the cockeral only fancied one of the hens in the coop lol i got 1 out of 12

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