Down with the bucket!


11 Years
Oct 12, 2011
I have a funny rooster named Sherman.

Here's Sherman.

Today I brought the food into the pen using a different bucket. Sherman chased me and began attacking the bucket!
He knocked that bucket out of my hands and taught that bucket a lesson REAL quick!
Once he showed that bucket who is boss, he was feeling alright.

Thanks for telling off that bucket, Sherman!!!!!

Very funny story! Sherman reminds me of my Sir William who acted the same way with a yellow feeding dish which was used instead of the red one. Very handsome fellow you have there!
You never know what that bucket may have done to you, what havoc it may have wreaked, had Sherman not manfully disarmed it!
Bad Bucket BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and your protector is such a good boy for making sure nothing happened to you... That is so funny. My 'Bird attacked my plaid flannel pj bottoms once. I never wore them again. Guess he was a fashion guru. (He hates anything colored red now i have since found out.)

My first rooster named Peep, a RIR, was funny like that too. I was kicking around a large red ball once, when Peep ran up and chased the ball down the yard, kicking, pecking, and rolling over it all the way.

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