dozens of mostly white jumbo coturnix eggs (want to experiment? :)

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    I've been buying eggs all spring and summer from anybody that sounded credible about having bigger birds, but the biggest bird I have weighed so far is a white one that's 13 1/2 oz. I only kept the largest ones of each group. One pen has mostly whites, with 3 goldens, I have another pen with mostly whites from a different source and a few goldens, and another pen with the biggest ones of several groups hatched during the summer, with whites, browns, and goldens in that pen.

    Hubby said it was time to quit hatching - I talked him into letting me set one last tray of button quail eggs, but now I have all my wonderful coturnix eggs that I hate to eat or sell for food - I get plenty from the cull pens for that.

    I've been getting about 15-18 eggs from the best pens, and about that many from the 'almost as good' pen.

    So if someone wants to to experiment with how well older eggs will hatch, the auction winner can choose whether to get just the freshest eggs laid right before shipment, or I'll collect eggs for up to 10 days.

    This is one of the bigger hens, just a smidge under 13 oz.

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