Dozens of U.S. Chicken Plant Workers Hospitalized

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    I work for said company at a different facility. It was one of those freak accidents, That should have and could have been prevented. NEVER mix chemicals if you are not 100% sure. Everyone is out of the hospital and most if not all are back at work.
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    Quote:That is good to hear that everyone is OK.
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    glad everyone is doing ok, but [​IMG] yet another reason to grow our own food!
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    Welcome to BYC JW [​IMG]
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    A bad situation for sure.

    The headline is bad, and the fact that numerous employees were injured is worse. However, this type of problem can occur in any "inspected" food producing plant. They are required to sanitize their equipment with a caustic (sodium hydroxide), acid neutralizer/sanitizer, and chlorine (chlorine is used as a sanitizer in non-food contact type applications such as floors). When chlorine and acid are mixed, a cloud of gas will form that is extremely toxic. This is likely the case here...hopefully the people involved are OK.

    This situation (as are most) was completely preventable, and terribly unfortunate. The Company will no-doubt come under some regulatory scrutiny. Having this many people severely injured indicates employees were unaware of the hazard...which will result in some expensive (and public) discipline of some sort.
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    How many of us use everyday products such as Bleach on tables, sinks, floors, equipment, etc. before and/or after we process our livestock to sanitize them? Bleach contains Sodium Hyochlorite and on the label it clearly states... "Strong oxidizer. Flush drains before and after use. DO NOT use or mix with other household chemicals, toilet bowl cleaners, rust removers, acid or ammonia containing products. To do so will release hazardous gases." Then when the sink drain may get clogged during/ after processing, we automatically pour Liquid Plumr Power Gel into the drain line to unclog it. It contains sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, biodegradable surfactants, sodium silicate. The lable clearly states... "DO NOT use with ammonia, toilet bowl cleaners or non_ Liquid-Plumer clog removers, as splasing or the release of hazardous gases may occur". Everyday household chemicals that we almost never think about creating hazzardous gases. Sh** happens everyday, we just don't hear about it unless it is sensational!

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