DQ traits of the Buff Orphington

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    We have a few breeds here at our house. The kids want to show a few different ones. We haven’t narrowed our breeds down yet. I have been getting a few of these and a few of those lol. Mostly I bought eggs eggs eggs and hatched away this last spring. We now we need to start narrowing things down. Who is actually show quality who is breeding quality whose temperament to we love or hate. Who is going and who is staying. We had a few Buff Orpingon hens last year. My kids loved the girls the judge liked one of the girls didnt like the other so much. We were told the one had to many darker feathers in her rump but the two girls were a deep dark buff. That the girls and most of their color is nice but the tail feather thing was a factor that needed to be bred out. Well went to another breeder picked up 4 more. Had 2 Roos and 2 more hens. One of the original hens became bobcat food and so did one of the roos. We have one Roo and 3 hens of the BO. To me he is GEORGIOUS WOW! HUGE HUGE boy I think he may be to big. It seems like all of my boys that are free-range get HUGE! I only keep 2 boys outside and I think they find miracle grow! It doesn’t matter the breed they just grow and grow. Anyhow now that I have typed away please give me some insight? I will take some pics in the morning of the roo and 2 of the girls. Thanks

    Just for poops and giggles here is an example of one of our previous BIG boys. I think the Buff is bigger than this boy!

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    The DQ that I know of (for Buff Orpingtons) are white on the earlobes. Also yellow beaks, shanks, feet or skin. They can be DQ for size if it's grossly over the standard. The standard is 10 pounds (full grown) and I know there are no points off for 1 lb over that. I know I'll be corrected if that's wrong but I think thats what I read.
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