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Drake at the bottom of the pecking order?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by JustinJX, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. JustinJX

    JustinJX Hatching

    Mar 17, 2017
    Hi guys, new here, new to ducks and poultry keeping all that...

    I've got home 4 hen ducks and a drake last week. The 4 ducks were run together at the place I got it from and separate from the drake. Both come home together to their new place to run together.

    However, it seems that the drake doesn't seem to be integrated? It felt like he is at the bottom of the pecking order where all the hen ducks pecked him out of the way while feeding and stuff.

    Do I need to lock them in together for a few nights to sort it out? At the moment they are free ranging in my forest garden.

    How do I turn him into the alpha male?

  2. Have no worries....My Drakes always stand back and allow my Hens to eat first....My Hens are bossy too....Leave them alone and it will workout....They are learning how to become one flock...He will once he is comfortable, put the Hens in their place...He will start flirting, head bobbing and flapping his wings...The Hens will start quacking and head bobbing, wagging their tail at him and then it will be fine.....Give them a couple of weeks free ranging and locking them in together....They will figure it out....

    Congrats on the new Ducks.......:)

  3. Bills vs Beaks

    Bills vs Beaks Duck Obsessed Premium Member

    Aug 31, 2016
    NJ USA
    My Coop
    Once he gets comfortable in his new home, he'll become more than enough of an "alpha male" :D
    Even then, he still might let the hens eat first. My khaki drakes do that for their hens

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