Drake loosing color on head and neck


Dec 6, 2015
I have a drake mallard mix(ruin) he was rehomed with me in February. I was told he was approx 1 year. He has a mate, she had a clutch of 15 and hatched 10 successfully in early May. She layed another clutch about 8 weeks later of 12 and all were eaten or pushed out of the nest by her and she got off the nest about a week ago. I assume they were not viable. She looks under weight which I expect due to her sitting for so long. But the drake is beginning to look poor also. What's going on with my ducks? Is there a supplement that I should be giving?
If he's losing his color he's probably molting into eclipse plumage. My drakes are also molting into their eclipse plumage now and they look pretty rough while they're molting, but it's normal. You can give them a higher protein feed to help them regrow their feathers.

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