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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by jools2014, Jun 10, 2017.

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    Aug 7, 2014
    Hi all,

    I have 5 ducks (including one drake). A few weeks ago I noticed my oldest duck was hanging back a bit from the others when they usually are inseparable-I wondered why this was. A week or so after that I noticed the back of her neck was very bare-and I realised it was because of the drake, and that was probably the reason she was staying away from the other ducks too. He seems to be mating with her far more than the others-I have been separating him from the rest (or sometimes I put a couple of the other ducks in with him) but I let them all out together for a few mins the other night and in the space of those few mins he was on her THREE times. I have no idea why he keeps going for her over the others (my second oldest duck also has a bare neck but not as bad, so he has two favourites-the other two have no feathers missing at all). He is incredibly rough when he mates, grabs them by the neck and pins them down for ages (I have never had a drake before and presume that this is normal though and different to what the cockerel does who is really quick when mating and not so rough and none of my hens have any missing feathers on their necks.)

    Is there anything I can do to stop him going for this one duck all the time short of separating them permaneantly? My poor girl obviously hates it and runs away from him. I was just wondering if anyone had an experience with this-I didn't really think ducks would have their favourites that they would exclusively mate with all the time!
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    unfortunately males can tend to pick a favorite and they can get extremely hard on the poor girls. They can actually mate them to death, but this usually seems to be with more than just one male. I have seen saddles for chickens before, not sure if this is something they even make for ducks or if its practical. If it were me, I would possibly find a new home for the drake, other words it sounds like he will be lonely and a lot of stress on you. good luck!
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    I don't think she is his favorite, I think this is a pecking order issue and she is at the bottom. I have the same issue with my two drakes. They each will attack the other drakes female/s. I keep them separated from the girls.
  4. Do they have a kiddie pool?....Its easier for Ducks to breed in water and causes less damage on the Hens...Seperating the Drake will cause him to really breed her once put back with them...Drakes do pick favourites...Possibly she is head Hen in the flock?....
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    Hi thanks for the replies! I'm not sure of the pecking order with my ducks actually, his two faves are just the oldest and then I got the 3 new ones who are bigger (well taller-they are part runner ducks and the others are campbells).

    I've never tried to rehome a duck or chicken, I presume it'd be quite a difficult thing to do though? Especially with a male. We only just got over bird flu restrictions when we weren't even allowed to move poultry about for months. I guess I can now-will have to check.

    I have a kiddie pool yes-but it's a smallish one, perhaps I need a bigger one? Hmm I guess I will try and see if I can rehome him. Thanks again.
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