Drakes Suddenly Fighting


May 11, 2019
I have two white-crested ducks, they're both brothers and drakes, and almost 3 months old. Just this morning, for whatever reason, they just started fighting each other. They would walk up to each other and start chatting, and then a few seconds later, they would immediately start biting each other's bills constantly; I usually have to step in between them to seperate them in order to get them to stop. They used to be perfectly fine with each other, always snuggling up with one another whenever they went to bed and following each other around, so this was pretty sudden and strange behavior. They've been doing this all day long and I'm not too sure what's going on. It's getting to the point where their bills are bleeding very slightly with small cuts and scraps on them on their bills (no signs of feathers being plucked). Is this a pecking order kind of thing that they're doing or maybe a hormone thing? Should I be worried and separate them, or will it resolve itself on its own over time? I would appreciate any advice as to why they might be fighting and what I can do to resolve it.
Thank you for the reply! Thankfully we're not planning on getting any hens. Should I worry about the bruises and cuts on their bills, or will they just be fine?
I'd be concerned about them moving on from the bills to grabbing each others crests - that could kill them. What kind of space are they being kept in, do they have some room to separate and cool off, is there a way you can put a barrier between them without totally separating so they dont freak out but cant keep attacking each other?

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