Drawing Salve for Bumblefoot?

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  1. Although I don't have a bird with bumblefoot, I do have one with a broken toe (I suspect a horse stepped on her). But it got me looking at bumblefoot and I was wondering if folks ever use a drawing salve like Ichthammol? I see some folks using sugardine, so got to thinking - why not ichthammol as well? I keep it on hand all the time, since we have mesquite here and those thorns can cause all sorts of problems!
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    Ichthammol is fine. I use something for horses called Magnapaste. It's Epsom salts in a gel and I wrap their foot with it. I think there are several drawing salves out there, I think they all work.
  4. Ok thanks folks! I was just wondering since I always have ichthammol on hand.

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