Dreaded Bubbly Eye Issue


Oct 11, 2017
Springfield, Oregon
So I have a girl that I noticed yesterday that has bubbly eyes. She had just finished sneezing. I checked her 2 hours later and she had no bubbles.

I checked her on the roost last night and there was no bubbles. She is not breathing raspy. Her behavior is normal other than she seems to be scratching at her beak a lot and swallows rather loudly. She is eating and drinking normally and being her silly self.

She has some bubbles in her eyes again today. I’m going to start her on denegard but I’m wondering if anyone else had experience with a chicken who had bubbly eyes but didn’t show other symptoms. she had been separated much to her dismay.

Thanks everyone for the help!
Sometimes bubbles in eyes can be a sign of mycoplasma (MG) so I would watch for it to recur or for other symptoms. Denagard is specifically for treatment of MG. Have you had any chickens before with that or the symptoms? Tylan is another med that is used.

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