Drinking A LOT pooping clear? Need input

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    I am hoping that there will be some folks that have encountered this....

    My flock suddenly started drinking twice the amount of water that they normally do. It is not hot where we live, quite the opposite actually. So far their appetites seem to be normal. Some of them are pooping plain, clear feces. No solids.... Then just in the last four days we lost all three of the juvenile polish crested we have (had). We have other babies that were in with the polish, and they all appear bright-eyed and active. The adults are also bright and active.

    But with the three we just lost, they were active and chipper and then BAM we found one dead. This sounds like a sickness of some kind to me. I hope it's a treatable one. If you have any idea what this is, and how to manage it, I would love your insight!
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    I would check for worms. If you treat them for worms, try a probiotic treatment after the medication to help get the normal bacteria back in good numbers (like plain unsweetened yogurt) and scrambled eggs.

    If you are going to treat juveniles, I would recommend getting a vet to do a fecal test for worms - some will do so for a small fee.

    Here is a general dishttp://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ps044eases website...with diagnosis charts at the bottom as diarrhea can be other things too:
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    Try to get a picture of the feaces up here.

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