Driving With Day Old Poults


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Jan 26, 2011
I am considering driving 6 hours one way to pick up several (2-8) turkey poults. They would be less than a week old. What can I do during the drive home to keep the poults warm? Of course, I can turn on the heat in the car but dear heavens, I don't want to make myself have a heat stroke while driving.
So I'm trying to think of some way to keep the box warm without having to keep the whole car warm. I will have them in a small box to retain body heat and won't let cool air blow straight on the box but I'm wondering if I should put in a heat pack of some kind? But I know I don't want to burn them up either.....

I can also only imagine what the car will smell like with all that poop for 6 hours!!



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Apr 10, 2014
Maybe a hot water bottle? You can buy em at Walmart, Walgreens , most drug stores. Or also they sell clay hot cold packs too...heat may last longer in one of those. But if you go with hot water bottle you could pull over at a gas station once or twice and refill with new hot water.

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we once used a hot water bottle with day old chickens ... it worked well, with a towel on top of it and folded into the edges to smooth out the hump made by the bottle full of water. play with it beforehand to make it as level as you can. if need be, you may even be able to re-fill the bottle after a few hours in a washroom along the way, being cautious to keep it as sanitary as you can. something for those new feet to grip is good and we used a towel. and a small box, just big enough for the birds and air and a bit of wiggle room. hope that helps. good luck!


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Oct 9, 2013
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Rose, I have dune just what you are talking about but 3
hours not 6 wow my hat is off to you Lady.....

Ok this is how I did it my box had straw in it and one
of them heat packs you would get from the doctors for
a back injury or after some on gets shots in the back
anyway it is a chemically filled one use pack that is
good for about 8 to 10 hours and I put it under the straw
and it all worked out just fine I also use the same pack
when I sell small chicks to clients in the dead of winter
like December as that is our only really cold month ...

Enjoy your Turkeys Rose ..

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