drooping comb. problem?

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  1. I have a rescue RSL hen that does not lay. i have had her for over a year, so I am assuming she is a few years old. has always been healthy, happy, a GREAT girl. In the last few days I have noticed her comb start to flop over a little in the back. She has a big upright bright red comb normally. It is still bright red, just starting to droop.

    Does this happen to your hens? I can see the larger comb breeds and such, but non of my other RSL have this issue.
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    I am assuming if she is a couple of years old that she is just aging. she will stop laying eggs and her comb will droop over. I may be wrong though! pictures might help.
  3. when i got home and let her out she is moving slower than normal seems lethargic and she sat down. her comb seems to come and go with blue. I think i have a problem coming on. that or old age. time to go post in the sick area. [​IMG]

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