Drop in temperature - what to do!!

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    Jul 8, 2014

    The temperature here in Sweden is starting to drop really quickly. I have five chickens and one of them that is in the lowest of the pecking order doesn't roost with the others during the night. He sits on the roosting pole just below them even though there are plenty of space and he is all fluffed up and seems to freeze!

    What should I do? Should I put him up there with the others, risking him to be picked on or..?
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    They won't mess with him in the dark so it might be worth it. When it's cold they fluff up.
    What breed/s?
    Just make sure the roost he and the others are sitting on are wide enough that they can cover their toes with their feathers.

    If you can see their toes at night, the roost isn't wide enough.
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