Dropped an egg!


10 Years
Nov 17, 2009
Republic of Panama
I was getting the eggs from the nesting box and there were ants in there. One of the eggs had some ants on it and here, where I live, ants will bite, even the small ones pack a good one. So I was trying to get them off the egg while holding both eggs, well...I dropped one on the ground and my chicks dove into it. Have I ruined them now? Have they developed a taste for egg? Will they start breaking and eating their eggs now?
I regularly throw eggs that have been cracked or broken in the coop (usually one of the kids gathering recklessly) to the girls. They run for it and it is gone in seconds. But, if an egg cracks in the nesting boxes they will not touch it. They will only eat them if I throw them to the ground.

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