Dropped wild duck egg day 32


May 5, 2015
Well, I posted here about 10 days ago because the wild duck egg I had been incubating had fallen and rolled out of the incubator and the lining in the shell had partially come apart from the shell inside, however the egg itself was not damaged and the duckling was still alive. It is now day 32 and the duck is still alive and was quite active yesterday, but it's movements have slowed and today just twitches every once in a while. It still has a lot of veins and there are parts sticking up from the inner sack but nothing that looks quite like a beak but I can't be sure. Is it normal for the chicks to rest quite a bit before hatching? How will I know when it has pipped and is there any point when I should definitely help? I'm scared it's having a hard time pipping and I don't want it to suffocate. Please help!!
If you can still see red veins in the membrane, the only thing you can do is ensure the humidity is high enough and the temperature is set right for hatching. 32 days seems a long time for a duck, though.
Well apparently it is the standard amount of time for a muscovy, but I'm really inexperienced so i really couldn't say. It's still moving when I candle it so hopefully it's just a late bloomer :/ there was a small chip that had come off and a small crack but neither were in the air space area so I put a wet paper towel on that spot and continue to keep the whole egg wet and around 93-95 degrees. Thank you for the reply I really appreciate it!
Well, bad news. The poor little thing was still active until late last night. I did everything I could or thought I should do and somewhere I must have failed because the little one died. I opened the shell this morning and I still don't know what went wrong the inner lining seemed fine, the duckling had almost fully absorbed its yoke... There was an area with grey build up on the inside of the membrane and I'm not really sure what that was. It seemed like the duckling hadn't really made much of an opening in the membrane at all in fact I am wondering how I even heard it chirp. The inner membrane was white and not hard or dry, the blood vessels has begun to recede. I really don't know what happened. It is a sad day, but thank you for all of your help I'm glad I had this site to go to for information.

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