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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by featherz, Oct 25, 2010.

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    Just had a very successful hatch with 24/30 eggs hatched, which is pretty decent considering that I stuffed 30 eggs into a brinsea that only holds 20. [​IMG] The brinsea (with automatic humidity pump) was set at 40% during incubation and 68% at lockdown. All 24 of the chicks that made it out, a mixture of standard and bantams, came out normally, not abnormally wet or dry. I eggtopsied the remaining 6 eggs - out of those, four of the eggs, all bantam, were just dead in shell underdeveloped chicks with air cells off center or other problems. No moisture problems.

    Two of the eggs, which happened to be gigantic eggs compared to the rest, had a TON of liquid - the dead chick just floated out and gushed everywhere. The only two that had this problem were these two big eggs - any reason why two big eggs would have this problem and none of the others do? maybe some weird airflow thing? or that they sit up higher?
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    More likely the shell of those 2 eggs were not very porous and just didn't lose an appropriate amount of moisture by the end of hatch. Absolutely nothing you can do about it except candle every 7 days and if an eggs aircell is not growing like it should, you can lightly sand the outside of that egg with fine sandpaper to enhance it's ability to lose moisture.

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