Drowsy... or a problem?


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Dec 15, 2009
We bought our first 6 chicks on Wednesday. I think the oldest is about 8 days old, and on down from there. One of the two that I figure are about 5 days old has been the sweetest little thing, really seems to like us holding her - when we're setting her back down she just sits on your hand looking around like she's perfectly content (she's a Golden Sex Link by the way). My kids had been down to check on them, but I went down myself a bit ago and picked her up. She only opened her eyes a couple quick times the whole time I was holding her, which got me worried. She would cheep and move a bit but not a lot. After I put her back in the box she would walk around a bit, but still not opening her eyes much at all.

Any thoughts? Ideas?

Thanks in advance!
Check and make sure she is eating and drinking and pooping. Make sure her little fuzz butt is clear of poop. Do u have them on water with vitamins in it? Just some things to check on.
I put her beak in the water and got her to drink while I was down there. I've checked a few times since and she seems to have perked up. When I went down once she was eating away, and the next time she was huddled around the water with the others drinking. Still closing her eyes a lot, crossing my fingers...


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