Drum roll Please ... First Harvested Chicken ...


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Oct 20, 2008
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Here is a picture of my fresh from the oven barred rock rooster who was processed on Saturday. Yes ... I do recognize he doesn't have much breast meat, but that's great for me ... I don't like white meat!


Cooked in a Romertopf clay pot ... I'm going to have to get a bigger one; these guys were too big to fit!
Interesting result ... taste was really really really good. But not a lot of meat; even for a 9 month old roo. Another interesting point is that I really liked the breast meat (what little there was) better than the dark meat. I sense cornishX in our future!
DP breast meat is YUMMY, and so is that super dark meat

Even homeraised CX are better than store meat if you give them a bit to move around and get some firmness to their meat. It's not soft and spongy, and isn't drowning in "enhanced for flavor" sodium stuff.
Day 2 ... Homemade chicken and rice soup made with fresh vegetables including corn cut from the cob!


Holy Smokes even BETTER!

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