dry crumbles mash recipe


Aug 9, 2019
Central Wisconsin
My 11 week old chickens are on grower crumbles and they don’t like it.
I just switched bags. It was a new brand and medicated. My small country feed store only had one kind for their age.
The food looks fine - no mold
Maybe I should mash it.
I think they like crunchy food like crack corn. I should get food like that consistency and texture.
Please share the mash recipe:)
Is it just water?

I searched for mash feed but got nothing.
The chickens free range daily. I do give scraps too at the end of the day. They didn’t like apples or broccoli. They do look healthy and look more like chickens everyday!

I compost our food scraps and offer some to them as well. Except onions and potatoes because they are not recommended.

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