Dry Incubation... my experience... Part Duex... With Pix!!

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    Let me start my apologizing for a mistake I made in my original "Dry Incubation... my experience..." post. So shoot me![​IMG] I'm an old [email protected] with bad eyes, only one functional brain cell (and it's usually on vacation), and sometimes I get in entirely too big of a hurry for my mental and physical capabilities.... or lack thereof!!![​IMG]

    The mistake I reference is when I said that all of the first 5 eggs were pipped. There were actually only two that were pipped; the ones that hatched. I wasn't wearing my glasses when I checked them (I know that was dumb... so like I said, shoot me!). So, I don't know what my eyes saw that my brain interpreted to be pipping on the other 3 eggs. But, it wasn't!

    Since than 24 hours had past since the first 2 eggs hatched, and there was no activity from them, this morning I decided to investigate further and find out what was going on with the other 3 eggs. Each egg had a good air cell in it. The membrane between the chick and the shell was acceptably dry and not leathery. When I opened the membrane, the inside of it and the chick were wet and slick feeling. It was almost the "snotty" feel of an uncooked egg white; but not as thick. After removing about 1/4 of the shell, each chick easily slipped out of their shell. Each chick appeared to be fully developed and without defects. The only thing that I noticed that seemed to be odd (outside of the fact that they weren't breathing or moving around) was the fact that there was a yellowish-gold colored "sack" that was hanging from each chick's abdomen. The "sack" was between 1/2" and 3/4" in diamenter.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to what might have happened to them??? I certainly don't know!![​IMG]

    Even with the loss of these three chicks, I am still pleased with this hatch rate. Two healthy, viable chicks hatched from 5 eggs..... that's a 40% hatch rate!![​IMG] And, it's double what my best had been heretofore!!!![​IMG][​IMG] Though I am pleased with this hatch by comparison, I will be striving for even better results in the future!![​IMG]

    As I promised, I have uploaded some pics of the two chicks that hatched out. You'll have to forgive the quality of them. My camera is not the best in the world and my fixed income dictates that I be content with it for now!! Here they are:


    Being acustomed to chicks from standard breed chickens, these little Mille Flelurs are TINY!!!


    In this next one, I believe they are discussing a "jail break"!!!!!![​IMG]


    And, I just had to include this one. It is my dog, Skipper, and the kitten that we raised on a bottle, Lucky!!


    I hope everyone has enjoyed the pics!!
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    Your shorty jack ....? what an adorable dog. We raised them for several years.
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    The yellow sack would have been the egg yolk that the chicks absorb into their abdomen. Obviously, the yolk hadn't been completely absorbed. That's usually one of the last things that happens; they must have died before the process was complete... ? They can sometimes hatch without having absorbed the yolk, and that causes problems with unhealed navels. When they hatch with unabsorbed yolks, it's usually a temperature issue, but since yours didn't hatch, I don't know that temperature would be the problem. [​IMG]

    Here's a troubleshooting guide to hatching chicks. Looks like probable causes can be improper positioning or low vitality of the chicks... low vitality can be because the breeding stock has issues, or even just because the eggs are from a very young pullet. Sometimes everything may be "perfect," but you may never know why they didn't hatch.

    Sounds like you otherwise had great results, and very cute babies.
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    The yellow thing hanging out of the abdomens was the rest of the yolk. My understanding is that in the day prior to hatch, it is usually drawn into their bellies to help them get through the first days after hatch.

    Someone more experienced will have to chime in on what happened, but your little chicks are ADORABLE! Got my eggs in the 'bator right now, and they are bantams, also. I was a little surprised at just how small the eggs are! Can't wait to have them hatch. I'll be happy with 2 chicks!

    Sorry.. I can't remember.. where did you get your eggs?


    Edited to add: Sorry.. posts crossed on the 'net. [​IMG]
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am definately proud of my two newest "children!"[​IMG]

    Quote:Skipper is the result of a Daschaund pappa and a Feist mammy!! He came from a neighbor down the road who had gotten in trouble for neglecting him. They hardly ever fed him, or gave him water. They kept him tied to a 4 foot tall sapling with a 3 foot rope.... during the hottest part of the summer. His only shelter was a blue, plastic storage container that the "people" had cut an opening in one end of. They turned it upside down and called it a "dog house!" When we got him, he was severely emaciated, full of worms, and had so many fleas and ticks on him that they all had to take turns breathing!! They said that they couldn't understand why they were charged with neglect!![​IMG] "People" who neglect and abuse animals like that really pi$$ me off!!!!!!!:mad::mad::mad: They should be treated like they have treated their animals!!:mad:

    Enough soapboxing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He's now very healthy, up to date on his shots and heartworm meds. He has no fleas or ticks!! He lives indoors and sleeps in the bed with "moma and daddy" (my wife and I). He is the sweetest, most loveable, happiest dog I've ever had! He never meets a stranger and seems to love all (animals and humans) that he meets. Heck, he's even better behaved and natured than our kids are!!!

    The only problem that we have with him is the fact that he is petrified, and I do mean PETRIFIED of storms and loud, unexpected noises. So, when we have bad storms come up or New Year's Eve or Fourth of July rolls around, we give him some Benadryl (from the vet) and he sleeps through most of it! I hate to knock him out like that, but it's better than watching him have hours and hours of hard, hard, nose to tail rigors from being scared out of his mind!

    BTW, I checked on the chicks and they are beginning to eat from the feeder and drink from the waterer!!! YaaaaHooo!!!!!![​IMG]

    Thanks for the information about the chicks. If the yellow sack was what was left of the yolk, there was still between 20% and 30% of it that wasn't absorbed. I've based that on the size of the yoke in a fresh egg that I have cooked.

    Meghan, I got my eggs from my own rooster and hen. They are each just about 2 years old. My avatar is a pic of my rooster, "Red." Good luck with your eggs.... I'll keep my fingers crossed that all of them hatch!![​IMG]


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