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    I've read the article on here, and i've read what i can find online, but has anyone personally tried the dry incubation method? How did it work out for you? I think my hova bator will be arriving today or tomorrow, and I'm thinking of trying dry incubating because of the stories of better hatch rates.
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    I tried it with my batch. Right now I have 1 shipped silkie egg and 4 of my silkie eggs in the incubator. at 9am this morning it was day 19, and I have a pip on one of my eggs.

    I've been keeping the humidity at around 30%. If it drops below 30% I add a little bit more water. Ill let you know how the hatch goes.
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    Jun 1, 2008
    I do. I have had much better results since I started doing it this way. I keep humidity from going below 30% on days 1-18, then I up it to about 55% on day 19, the chicks pip and up it to the 60's% and this has worked for me. I initially put the humidity higher forthe last 3 days but started getting very wet chicks and some that drown

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