Dual purpose birds for meat

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    Dec 13, 2016
    I will definitely have my DH read all of the suggestions on slaughtering. I will help with the processing and will be looking into making a ??? Plucker ( don't remember the name).

    I have loved reading about heritage bird terminology and age processing. Considering what recommended serving sizes are (4 oz of meat) even if half the dressed weight is bones a 2 lb bird is dinner for 4. Looks like I'll be planning 2 birds per meal but like someone said they will have a happy life and wouldn't live at all if not to be food.
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    I only keep chickens as pets, but if you intend to eat yours, here is a suggestion/consideration. A SUPER TASTING CHICKEN. I READ ABOUT THIS BREED AND INCLUDING A LINK TO A THREAD I WATCH AS WELL AS ANOTHER TO THEIR BETTER DESCRIPTION.


    Very interesting reading.
    I would very much consider getting 2 pet hens for myself. Chicken math trying hard to overcome my logic.:lau
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    I've done some research into this breed. While it is very popular (and high quality) in Europe, there has only been one bloodline transported into the US and it is in danger of becoming too inbred. There is one YouTuber I watch, his channel is the Swedish Homestead, and he is a great champion of this breed, but he has come to the conclusion that this breed isn't sustainable in the US because of the danger of excessive inbreeding.
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    Apr 6, 2014
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    I have 3 suggestions for the Swedish Homesteader.
    1. Sneak into The Europe :lau and bring back some fertile different line eggs.:oops:
    2. To counteract The inbreeding, The Arizona thread posting (first link) states at the bottom that intent is to cross with others to improve. Swedish could try the same. :yesss:

    3. Eat the heck out of these TASTY BANDITS before they are gone.:lau

    4. I know I was supposed to stop @3............ Just thought to throw this in as well. Maybe he is over-thinking whole situation.

    Chickens are here with a purpose. Some eggs, some meat, and some ornamental for pets.
    I eat chickens from grocery store. Is there any way to tell if they are inbred??????????????
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    Jul 27, 2017
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    Pretty much guaranteed to be inbred, then crossed to make fat birds! Those Bresse sound very interesting. I hope they do well in AZ!
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