D'uccle egg size


10 Years
Jun 1, 2009
I have 13 bantams, cochins, sultan, d'uccles and one standard polish hen. Today my little mille fluer d'uccle laid her first egg. My first thought on seeing it was that it looked like a mourning dove must have gotten in the coop and laid it, it's exactly the size of a dove egg.
Now, she is an extra tiny hen, not much bigger than my cockatiel, but my goodness, I can't believe how little this egg is. My porcelain d'uccle lays and egg just slightly smaller than my cochins.
From the left...standard polish, sultan, cochin, porcelain d'uccle and then my mille fleur d'uccle


Yikes! That is tiny. I have two d'Uccles in my flock of bantams, and they are the biggest chickens I have, weighing between 820 and 840 grams. The smallest hen I have is just 420 grams. She's a Serama/Old English bantam mix.

The d'Uccles lay the largest eggs, around 32-35 grams, while my other bantams' eggs usually weigh around 25-26 grams.
I've had standards lay a first egg that wasn't much bigger than that. Maybe it's extra tiny just because it's the first one. I always think those first eggs that are so tiny are adorable! I like to save them. I know it's kind of dopey.
I'm sure it was was her! And, I am going to save this egg, it's so cute! She is such a small hen, so tiny she still looks almost chick sized. I can't wait to see what her other egg sizes are. Maybe I'll need to hatch some, as my roo likes to pitch woo with her especially!

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