d'Uccle eggs...possibly mixed with Silkied Ameraucana


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Round 2!! I'm relisting because it's the standard irony and they've picked up production right when the situation is anomalous!

I've got a conundrum, and I figured it's better to offer the eggs up here than to eat them, as someone may want them, right?

I have a big flock of Mottled, Lavender, and Porcelain d'Uccles all in one pen...with a flock of Silkied Ameraucanas that were growing out and showing no signs whatsoever of being mature enough to be of 'contagion...'

And suddenly I'm getting bright blue eggs and the fuzzy boys are all over anything that moves...when last week they were hiding under the d'Uccles like little girly men.

SO: I have a ton of eggs from this pen that could be from awesome d'Uccles...or might be from a weird mix, but useful if someone wants a project. The Silkied Ameraucanas are Splash and Calico, and they are Silkied from a spontaneous mutation, not from a cross with a Silkie. They are lovely and you can read all about them here.


This is an old pic...no Seramas anywhere near this pen.

This is for a dozen...but there will be more laid while they are separated over the next few weeks if anyone else is interested.
So they could be pure d'uccles, pure silkie ameraucanas, or a mix of the two? Am I reading that right?

I'm a sucker for mongrels. XD
I will be keeping any blue eggs from the group, just in case there are any pure fuzzy Ameraucanas, but they certainly might be (and likely are) pure d'Uccles. I simply can't sell them as pure d'Uccles knowing they may have been crossed. I will be selling these for the next 3 weeks, as that's how long it will take to make certain they are pure, so there will be more available.
Thought I had better post this- I'm a bozo and didn't re-read my listing, and I take full responsibility for it.

Eek! You're absolutely right- I didn't make that clear! I only have one Silkied Ameraucana laying right now, while I have a BIG flock of d'Uccles- so there won't be many from her, but I didn't clarify that so I HAVE to include them- thanks for bringing that to my attention.



I WILL be including any blue eggs from the last few days and until I fill this dozen. It may only be a few, but I will do so.

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