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Feb 1, 2008
St Louis MO (Jefferson County)
I just treated my chickens for lice and they are gone <knock on wood>. I butchered a LF rooster that wanted to use me as a pinata and I wasn't going to deal with that, but in the process of butchering him, found lice on him. Inspected the remaining LF hens and the three d'uccles but only found one LF hen and the d'uccle roo with them. I of course treated them all. I didn't have any money so I dumped half a box of baking soda in approx. 4 gallons of water and several good squirts of dish soap. After payday a week later, I went to pet store and bought flea & tick dip with permethrin (sp?) and used the tubs again to give them another bath with the dip in it. I also bought Sevin dust to add to the DE dust bath and Seven liquid to treat inside the coop. I'll probably do one more coop treatment for my peace of mind but I never did see any in the coop. I'm wanting to do deep litter method, but clearing out all the shavings makes it harder.

Meanwhile, I lost my d'uccle roo. His crow sounded like he had larengitis until one day he couldn't crow at all. I added antibiotics to the water but the next day he was dead. I don't know if the lice, the treatment, or something else got him. When he died, I did inspect him for lice and didn't find any so sounds like the treatment worked. The only thing that might have killed him (research led me to this) is a possible respirtory problem. I pried open his beak and there might have been some "snot" in there but not sure if it was normal moisture or excess. I think I'll try hatching eggs again before the hens lose his sperm. Teddi, too bad you aren't still in JeffCity or I'd take one of your extra cockerels off your hands.

Actually I will be in Jefferson City the 13th, 14th, if you want one I can bring him with me. I have another person who is interested as well, and I am only keeping 1 of the 3, I only had one pullet hatch with the bunch and she is surely tired of the 'cockerel' wars. So I have 2 'extras' Just send me a PM. I will try to be more active on the site.
Thanks Teddi.

fuzzybutt love

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Jul 30, 2011
I have done good with the ivermectin (i use generic ivomec pour on) Does lice and mites and worms all in one, just drip onto the back of the neck and voila!

I also did make a permentrin drip treatment before too, but i am the only one i know to do that so...... but it worked. The liquid permethrin 10% is a concentrate that has instructions on how to make spray on treatments, and for coop/ barn spray. I think it sticks better than the powder. Same ingredient as in the shampoo, minus trying to get birds into the suds.


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May 10, 2013
Thanks - she is very sweet - I think the skin on her legs is whit-ish - her tail feathers stick straight up in the back. Here she is with a Buff & Guinea Keet that are about 2 weeks younger than her.


K Epp

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Dec 15, 2012
North Georgia
Please be careful with the 7 dust. I have treated my chickens twice with it a.d the second time my favorite Dutch roo had a reaction to it and he can hardly walk. I did take him to the vet and he said he would get over it, but he is just pitiful.


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Aug 14, 2011
this is the only thing i use. i have tried all the other stuff and it just does not work at all. this stuff kills them on contact to.

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