DUCK 911 I need help.....

Duck Love88

5 Years
Mar 28, 2014
New York
Hi everyone,
This is my first time ever owning ducks and I have 4 Khaki Cambells and 2 Rouens. Upon watering my ducks yesterday I had seen spots of blood on the floor of my coop. After inspection of each duck one of my Rouens has done something to her wing and the other ducks were trying to attack and peck at her. I removed her from the coop, put blood clotting powder on the wound and it stopped bleeding within about 15 min. Now here is my dilemma, How long do I wait to put her back in the coop with the rest of them? Do I give her a bath to get the dried blood off before I re-introduce her to the flock?

On another note being this is my first flock EVER of ducks can anyone give me a list of what I should keep on hand for emergencies such as this. ( I had to go to the neighbors farm to get the clotting powder, I was completely un-prepared for this) Basically a make-shift first aid kit? any and all responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Everyone!!!

PS, They are almost 7 weeks old.
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