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I have 2 pekins, 1 male and 1 female about 9 weeks old.Im considering getting 2 cayugas to add to the mix.i have a few concerns.The cayugas are still ducklings around 10 days old I imagine that if i get them ill have to keep them seperated from the pekins because of their size.Im also concerned that i may end up getting 2 male cayugas. So my questions are the pekins will be aggressive toward the 2 smaller ducklings correct? Also should i be concerned for the future that if i end up with 2 males that my female pekin will get beat up during mating season?
I have introduced adult females to adult females, and it went smoothly. It took just a few hours for them to be okay during the day with each other, but more like two weeks for them to settle down at night (sorting out who gets to sleep in which part of the duck house, I guess).

Initially, I brought the two new ones in just before bedtime, and had them in their own pen area, separated from the others by plastic poultry fence, with their own food, water and bedding. Everyone got treats at the same time.

Next morning, I let everyone out together in the outdoor pen, and watched. A little shoving and chasing. But a few hours later, the runners would not leave the pen without the new buffs.

So it was smooth.

I have been told when drakes are involved, it can get a little more aggressive. Silly boys.

I agree you have some real concerns there and I am glad you see it, so you can plan and avoid trouble.
Thanks for the input amiga.Im not overly concerned with the introduction since the cayugas will be very young i will let them free range and roam together but ill keep them inside at night and slowly introduce and let them adjust before they share the pen or the duck house.however i am concerned about the long term and dont want to come home one day and have my female pekin in bad shape.
That is a very real concern, and I might go so far as to say a likely problem. I don't yet have a drake, largely because my all girl flock is just fine without one, and they can be such trouble. No offense. Some drakes, I am told, are lovely and protective. But we don't know how they will turn out when we first hatch or otherwise obtain them.
Im now thinking i might be better off just sticking with my 2 pekins.Either that or bite the bullet and see what happens,for the most part you dont know what your getting with ducklings anyway.The cayugas are so pretty too!!!!!!!!
You could find two females for sale somewhere....craigslist is loaded with throwaway easter ducks right now, they aren't cute little fluff balls anymore! You will have a real problem if those cayugas are boys....and quite honestly come next spring that pekin drake may over breed your female pekin. They can be unruly, expecially during their first mating season. So I think adding a few more KNOWN females would be your best bet. You can order them offline from Metzers Farms, Ideal Poultry, ect....where you can have them sexed
Thanks for the advice petesmom! Craigslist is actually where I found the cayugas listed. There's not much for sale or listed on Craigslist by me, at least none that are known females. Although my female pekin is larger than my male do you think it would be a wise choice to add a couple more females anyway, just to keep my female safe??

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