duck and chicken eggs together in bator?


Invincible Summer
12 Years
Apr 9, 2007
I'm also wondering if anyone has ever started duck eggs in their bator then 7 days later added chicken eggs and had a pretty good result on day 28 (for the ducks) and 21 (for the it possible to do? Also maybe guinea eggs if I can buy any once my new bator arrives?
The only thing I know is that duck eggs take alot higher humidity than chicken eggs and don't you have to spritz duck eggs once a day?...ducks take 28 to 32 days ...the chickens eggs might drown in all that for the first 18 days since they need lower humidity readings ...hope someone else can chime in and help...
I don't know. Thanks tho. The directions for my soon to be here bator show (online) that the temps and humidity % match....also for guineas....I'd just have to stagger when I put the eggs in the bator by a week. But in my experienced mind, I may be overlooking something. I have searched here on NYC and seen where folks have done that. But I'd like some personal accounts from ones who have had success or not, and any advice from them to make it more successful if I try it.

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