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Mar 1, 2018
I have three female Pekins. They will often chase away small birds that get too close to them, but it is very half-hearted and I never saw any real aggression from them, even towards the crows that conspire to get their eggs.

Recently a wild Pacific Black Duck has started visiting regularly. I assume it is a male, there are no differences visually between the sexes in this species, so I could be wrong. My ducks become enraged everytime they see him, they bristle up and drop their necks and chase him around the yard honking madly. He is fairly resilient and not easily dissuaded, so they run around the yard in comical Benny Hill fashion for a while until he decides to fly off.

I actually think the whole thing is kind of funny and enjoy it when he visits, but I don't understand why the girls hate him so much. I would have thought they would enjoy the attention. Can anyone explain this behaviour?

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Sep 18, 2018
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I can't explain the behavior, but I love the description of your ducks chasing in "Benny Hill fashion." It sounds like what my geese do to, well, all the other birds. I just never framed it so perfectly. I hope someone helpful -- clearly not me, in this case -- answers your post.


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Jan 8, 2017
Thanks for the replies, I wouldn't have thought of ducks as being territorial. I hope this does not bode poorly for the future if I decide to get some more to add to the flock.
If you integrate properly, it will go much more smoothly. That black pacific duck isn't integrating properly he's just intruding. :gig


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Maybe they know he's "different"? I had a wild mallard show up one winter and my mallard girls especially were just enthralled with her. She stayed in the pen with them for about 2 weeks (I gave her the chance to leave almost every day - it was so brutally cold I guess she wanted to stay where there was guaranteed food and water). I don't think I saw a single scuffle the whole time.
That's her in front, then Turkey, and Ruby in the back (I'm betting not many people can tell the difference but to me it's as plain as day, lol).
Also got a good chuckle at your description of them chasing the outsider - that's such a hilarious way to describe it, and everyone knows exactly what happened! :lol:

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