Duck Brooders!


8 Years
Aug 25, 2011
Milwaukie, Oregon
Hey guys, I have some Saxony eggs in the incubator and I'm in need of some brooder ideas. What have you found to be the easiest method for brooding ducklings? Pictures would be fabulous! Thanks
I have a ship crate brooder( i can get pics later) i have also used a dog crate... the newest ones 6wks have a stall in the barn by far THE best lol

Key things, ducks are wet, wet wet.... and good venting, plus ability to use a heatlamp...

I've been keeping them in the house. I started with a very large plastic storage box, I have 8 ducklings. That was fine for the first few days but soon became too much of a hassle to clean. Was using puppy pee pads as bedding. So I then switched to a guinea pig corral and laying the pee pads down in the middle of the circle. This gave them more room to run but within a few more days the larger of the ducklings learned to jump over. So now I'm using a small kiddy pool with plastic sheeting on bottom, then pee pads, then grass straw. As it gets wet and soiled I lay more grass down. After 2 days of this I thought it was time to change it all out and I could not believe the amount of liquid that was in there. Yuck! I can't wait for it to get warmer here so I can put them in the garage. I have 2 large dog crates that I will probably use. Then when they get big enough, out to the duck coop/pen they go.

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