Duck Chickens Turkeys


8 Years
Jun 5, 2011
Location N/W Arkansas Hillbilly
Duck Chickens Turkeys...........................

That's wright Duck only one Duck and its a Peking female and she is loud I guess I never thought a Duck could be so loud.
Any way I have this great friend that sent me some of her Duck eggs last year and out of them only one lonely Peking Duck Hatched.
My Daughter who now is in college and lives at home wanted Ducks along with the Chickens and Turkeys we have my Daughter felt the one lone female Duck needed some of her own kind so my wonderful friend offered to send some more duck eggs this Spring and she did and now I am about to put them in the Home Made Incubator.

Threw all this story I am here wanting to pick the Brains of the more Seasoned Duck growers and see if there are any tricks in improving your hatch rate with Duck eggs.

Please Help One Lonely Duck

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