duck closing eyes


7 Years
May 1, 2012
we have a white star hybrid duck who is about 3 months old, and has displayed no unusual behavior until today. today she started closing her eyes for long periods of time, even walking and swimming with them closed. we flushed her eyes out with water and she seemed better, but only briefly. it has been extremely (90-100 percent) humid and hot (85-95 degrees) for the past few days, but we made sure they always had access to cool clean water for swimming. does she have a disease or infection? or does she just have something in her eyes? we're very concerned about her
she wouldn't hold still long enough for a photo, but she's doing a lot better now, she's acting like nothing happened. she doesn't have any swelling or discharge, and the only red on her is a stain from some watermelon she ate
we had 5 coyotes attempt to break into the pen last night, makes me wonder if she wasn't just really freaked out and exhausted

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