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8 Years
Aug 23, 2011
Arlington Washington
. Hey yall this was my old duck coop I used a few years back for a few ducks and geese it had wooden floors, walls and door. It was starting to go bad and me and my dad decided to tear it apart and were left with the frame and well now I want to use it again and was thinking about using hardware cloth for the flooring and chicken wire for the sides. Would this idea be alright for my ducks? Any tips welcomed. Thanks yall Ivan
It has good bones, personally i dislike wire floor for birds .. as for only wire sides that would depend on your weather, as well chicken wire? is no good for predator protection, it's only for keeping birds in or out...

why not redo the walls, add some windows, venting etc?
Deck boards for the floor. Hardware cloth for the sides.
As stated, chicken wire doesn't do much for keeping predators out... just keeping birds in.
Maybe not the chicken wire but what about hardware cloth for the floor so the droppings go onto the ground. I could do half wood flooring and the other half hardware cloth? So I can clean it out better.
Cleaning out a wood floor is not difficult. Trust me. Much easier than constantly treating bumblefoot.

I have vinyl flooring, makes cleanup a snap - and I don't have to clean it out completely very often because I spot pick every day, fluff, and add bedding as necessary. Works great. Just need enough room per duck. I have about 7.5 square feet per duck in the night pen.
Not sure how far from a hose it is, but I hose out my duck and chicken house daily. Duck house has scraps of trex decking and the chicken house has painted fence boards as the floor.
Wire is hard on duck feet. Any animal feet really.
Old shower curtains work well on wood floors and  under bedding. Old vinyl flooring works too.

First thing that comes to mind is mold. Unless you're going to take it out every time, clean it, then make sure it's dry before putting it back in.

The vinyl flooring sounds like a good idea. :)
I used 1/2 inch wire mesh for the floor of my first Quack Shack. The turds did not drop through it like I had hoped. Hosing the thing out gets old pretty quick, the less maintenance the better. I built a new and improved Quack Shack when I increased the size of my flock. It sits flush on the ground and has 2 wheels on one end. I roll it like a wheelbarrow to a fresh patch of grass once a week. I roll landscape timbers along the sides and so far nothing (coyote are my concern) has tried to dig underneath. I will be watching closely in the Fall and Winter with the predators are the most active around here.
That's what I was first thinking of doing for my one duck. Straight on the grass & move it around. Then I thought about the rain & Quackers laying in cold, wet, muddy grass. How do you handle the rain?

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