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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by salisburyfarm, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. salisburyfarm

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    Aug 28, 2016
    I need some advice!

    I was cleaning out my duckling's cage and discovered there were maggots all over the bottom ew! I assumed they were from flies because there is always flies in the cage but am concerned they r from something else. I bought a new shed for them in case, but could the maggots be dangerous to my ducklings??
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    I had the same problem with maggots but they were in the bottom of the food dish. Flies were everywhere else, so I got a fly trap. I had no more problems!
    Is their a pool or a big water dish in that area. It also may be because the ground got why to wet?
    I would keep your ducklings away grow from there they aren't completely immune to diseases and harmful things. Mine are 5 months but still I don't think it's safe at any age.
  3. salisburyfarm

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    Aug 28, 2016
    Thank u so much! Mine are only a month old
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    You might want to make some changes in how you manage the bedding . . . it's a learn as we go process, raising these waterfowl.

    I don't have a specific suggestion aside from a few thoughts -

    Put diatomaceous earth under the bedding

    Put the water bowl in a watering station that will catch the spills and splash and keep the rest of the bedding much drier. I do that, works great.

    Fly traps, as suggested

    Fly predators - little tiny things that kill fly larvae.

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