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    Apr 8, 2017
    There is so much info out there for duck coops I get the ventilation needs, easy access for cleaning and protection from predators but size I'm not finding much. We have 2 Pekins duckling how much space per duck should there be in a coop? Ivery seen 2sqft but that seems small
  2. The Coop size depends on how you manage them?.....If you will only lock them in at night, an extra large Dog house works great...If you plan to lock them in during cold weather, they will need more room for feed and water....The run should be bigger so they can have room to waddle around.....I have 8 Ducks..6 of them lived in a 10x10 Dog run and slept at night in an extra large dog house....It all depends...:)

    Best of luck....

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    Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks says:

    My 6 ducks have a house that is 4' by 8' (including 3 nesting boxes). I'd be okay with adding up to two more ducks but only because we are hopefully moving to a farm this year and they will have a bigger house then.

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