Duck depression?


Jul 29, 2016
I am new to this site and new to raising ducks. Started with a flock of 13. I have 3 hens and a drake of each, Khaki Campbells, Welsh Harlequins and a Hybrid from Metzler Farms with one extra WH hen. My flock just started laying earlier this month. They are locked down in their "hut" at night to be released in the morning and have free run of my "ranch" with lake during the day. I do not play with them and allow them to be free ducks.

Earlier this week I released the ducks and only 12 came out. I gave the last one an hour our so and she did not leave the hut on her own. I walked her out so I could collect eggs. She seemed as though she wanted to stay with her egg. She has not acted the same since. She does not stay with the flock always and a couple of nights had to be brought home. Last night she didn't make it at all at lock-down and was missed. Found her this morning hunkered in the grass along the lake bank.

My question, could she be broody and can ducks get depressed if their eggs are taken? It would make sense to me. Any advice?



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She could definitely be upset you took her eggs. Chances are she's hiding in the grass to try and find another place to lay where you won't find them..she was staying back in the pen to most likely sit on them.I've had ducks go broody. I just keep taking the eggs.. she eventually gets over it. Hope that helps.


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Yep, definitely broody. She's not so much depressed as grouchy. Broody hens are just grumpy. I agree that she is likely looking for/found a place in the yard to start laying her eggs. She'll try to lay a full clutch and then sit them.

You can keep looking in the yard and keep taking the eggs away if you don't want ducklings. If you do want ducklings, you can try giving her some eggs in a secure place. Better she sits in the coop than out in your yard all night. She may also get over the broodiness part way through and decide to abandon the nest.


Jul 29, 2016
Again, 12 ducks came home on their own. Had to go out and find 13 in the grass. She didn't resist at all. I will keep on her and see what happens.

Since the ducks were my idea and my wife generally has lock-down duty (due to my work schedule) we'll see who gets put out or the hen.

Thanks for the advice.

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