duck dilemma ....makes me so sad everynight

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by shoregirl68, Dec 30, 2013.

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    Jul 23, 2013
    We had 3 female mallards and one female pekin...inseparable. Pekin was the leader, serious mother "goose". Right before cooping up for the night about 5 weeks ago (11/24/13) she and 2 mallards were spooked off by something. Not sure what is was but relatively certain is was not fox, eagle or owl. No evidence of that type of foul play, thinking neighbors dog or cat. The chickens were obliviously roosting and our little runt mallard Pippy was in our coop. We serached for hours that night looking for Pekin since she can not fly and mallards have flown off at night before and returned in the AM. Our hope was that all 3 would return in the AM. No such luck, mallards were back but no sign of Pekin. She of course was the most gregarious of the group and for a few days the mallards seemed a little off. We still have no idea what happened to Pekin (Web) but now the 2 larger mallards have flown off (12/26/13) likely to pair up with local males.

    Problem is our poor little Pippy (named for her pipsqueak size as duckling). She also has what appears to be possible deformed rump and breast plus she has an injured foot, hole in webbing that was not there as duckling.

    Everyday she leaves coop, quacking all day calling for other mallards. For the past 2 days she has flown to the nearby creek and just sat in the middle for 5-10 minutes calling and calling for her 2 girl friends. We're not sure if she'll also fly off and pair up with male but she comes home every night and continues to call for the girls until I coax her into the coop for the night.

    I really don't think she has the stamina for migration and could be way off but no interest. She hangs out our chickens but really, really wants duck companions. Off course ideally her girls but I am so sad watching and listening to her call all day for her 2 girls I'm willing and ready to try anything.

    We found someone nearby who is selling 7 week old Khaki Cambells. Need suggestions...would this help my poor girl Pip. At 7 weeks how much heat do they need. We supply no additional heat to our coop as we've read that only makes them less resistant to lower temps. We've only gotten down to the 20's here so far. I have a heat lamp I could use for a few weeks until more feathers emerge.

    Should I just let Pip adapt to being only duck...she just seems so sad...constantly searching for her friends. Makes me so sad every night when she quacks then hems and haws in the yard thinking her 2 friends will show up and coop up with her.

    So glad the chickens are true bird brains...they have the memories of well....chickens[​IMG]
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    So sorry to hear about your disappearing ducks. I would get the 7 Khaki Cambells and hang a heat lamp up for them.
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    Oh, NoOOOOOO! Get her a duck friend, hurry, hurry! [​IMG] We had an only duck once, she seemed very lonely too. Didn't last long either, unfortunately, some predator got her. I think they do better with a friend or two of their own kind. Poor Pippy. [​IMG]
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    Rule of thumb is 90F the first week, dropping 5 degrees a week. At seven weeks, that's 90 minus 7 times 5, so 55F.

    Yes, Pip needs duck friends. It takes a little work to integrate ducks, keep them separated by a temporary fence at first, then supervise interaction. when they can get along, the separator fence can be removed.
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    X2. Best o luck to you and Pippy.
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    X3 [​IMG]
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    Without a doubt get her some friends!

    Until they arrive spend time with her. Don't let her go to the creek alone, sit with her as she stands at the shore. Offer some verbal comfort, but you don't have to Just be there. Offer her some treats. Treats go along way.

    You may not be able to verbally communicate your empathy to her, but just by being there she was will understand that you care.

    And please take her to a vet to get her physical problems fixed. That must make her feel twice as miserable.
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