Duck egg emgergency


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Oct 26, 2014
I got a new bunny. I let her out and watched her burrow under the duck house (shipping crate). I didn't realize until today, 2 days after the burrowing, that she had gone right under where my duck was sitting on her nest. (Burrowing on Tuesday, today is Thursday)

Today, while I was digging worms, she came off the nest. I went to check on her eggs/ nest when I saw to my disappointment that the eggs had dropped into the 1 foot deep hole from the bunny. Only 1 egg remained in the nest, warm.

The other eggs are cold. One was cracked. I checked, and saw it was probably 1/2 way done becoming a duckling.

I don't have an incubator. Do you think mama duck can recover these eggs? I've filled the hole and put the eggs back in her nest box.

This is completely my fault. I take full responsibility for losing 11 eggs. I feel bad for my mama duck, because this is her first clutch.
Aweh. That's terrible :( but I know it's hard to be mad at that cute little bunny face. I don't know about egg stuff as mine haven't gotten to that point yet, but in the future what I would do is burry concrete blocks under where you have her nesting box, that way if it ever happens again the bunny won't be able to dig through to the nest and the eggs will be safer. I hope someone with more experience replies soon your heart must be in pieces . Just know stuff happens and you can't be too hard on yourself
Thank you. I looked at the eggs again today. So in all, 2 were cracked, like the dropped and the droppeee. They have died and are buried.

One is MIA, and I'm thinking it may have been missed by me when I hurridley removed the eggs to see what I could do to save them. I'm down 3 in total.

Right now, they are back under the mama's nest and she's sitting on them. I will look at them again in a few days. I hope they make it. The bunny is now blocked from digging under the duck house.

She's out right now, but only for a short hop.

Thank you Amiga and Marecline Duckie
if anyone is reading this:

My bunny returned to the burrow, below the ducks, so I put down plywood. This allowed her to have 3 babies in the burrow.

The ducklings...well, there were 11 eggs, and now, there are 4 ducklings. Some made it!!

It is amazing how they find a way to survive!

Congratulations on the ducklings and baby bunnies!! So cute!:

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