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    Mar 11, 2018
    Hi there, my name is Ashley. I am a veterinary nurse in Florida. On wedsday a duck egg was brought in my hospital because of a tragic situation with a duck. I wanted to give the only egg the best chance possibly. Apparently the female duck had a mate, and this egg was a product of them. I have been incubating the lone egg, keeping the humidity at s proper level. But today is day 4 since the egg was laid. Can anyone tell me what they think is going on with it? Is it too early to see veins? Or is the duck not alive? I don't see a specific blood ring, but the larger spot has grown a lot in the last day or so. Any advice is much appreciated!

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    Here's a duck egg candling chart that might help:

    Have you candled again? It may be a little behind as it would've had a cooling off period which would've slowed development right down. :fl for the little one.

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