duck egg: Is it still alive?


10 Years
Jun 12, 2009
hi my name is jill, im new here and came across this website after looking on google for help with hatching. i've been an owner of indian runners since i was a kid. heres my hatching question:

this spring i started out with 4 eggs in the incubator (indian runner ducks), two ended up being infertile, they never developed. and two did, of those two eggs one died on the 20th day (rotten smell), and now today is the end of day 33. i know it takes 28 to 33 days for duck eggs to hatch. but i am worried its not going to hatch, i know i can always try again. but i was wondering, the egg that died stank up the incubator so i could immediatly tell one was dead. so if the one egg i have is still not smelly at day 33 and i can barely see anything but darkness besides a small area when i candled days ago. is this duckling likely alive if it doesnt smell rotten??
ive havent seen movement in a while its hard to tell.

thanks for you input.
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Are you positive on the date? You should have at least heard peeping or seen a pip by now. I would try to candle again.
yes i am positive on the date, unless im not sapposed to count the day they went in the incubator. if so then im on day 32.
thanks PhlyinPheBee..

how frequent do eggs take longer than 33 days (duck)?

i feel like its been so long waiting for this little guy, how long after they die does it start to smell?

i dont know if i will be able to take it out in a few days if it still doesnt smell i wont have the heart too... and if it still doesnt hatch what exactly does that mean?
Why did one egg die and smell horrible and one (possibly) die and not smell... thanks
I can't tell you why one smelled and the other didn't, but i do know what you are going thru. My DD and i have tried 3 times to hatch out duck eggs. Each time, they have been fully delevoped only to die a day or two before they are due to hatch. we have no idea why this happens but it does. all i can say is keep trying. hopefully you will have ducklings sooner or later.

Ps. we have 4 more eggs due next tuesday.
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